How much is shipping and do you offer tracking?
I do! Please see my Shipping Policy for pricing details and more.

I bought an item from you on Friday afternoon / Saturday, when will you be shipping it?
I will endeavour to post your item the next business day (which, in this case, would be Monday.) Please see my Shipping Policy for further details.

Do you use spray (glue) basting on your quilts?
No; spray basting adds unnecessary chemicals to quilts and the glue doesn’t wash out (it often requires dry cleaning to remove and is flammable.) 


How do I look after my quilt?
You will receive a Care Guide with your new quilt, but here are some basic care instructions:


  • Machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water
  • Use Colour Catcher sheets in each wash
  • Avoid excessive washing/drying
  • Tumble dry low until damp and then line dry out of direct sunlight


  • Roll instead of folding to help avoid permanent creases
  • Store using acid-free paper in an acid-free storage box 
  • Avoid plastic storage containers

Are your quilts heirloom quilts?
Heirloom is defined in the dictionary as ‘something of special value handed down from one generation to another.'
My quilts, therefore, have the potential to be ‘heirloom’ if they are cared for and looked after correctly (a brand new quilt can not therefore be an 'heirloom quit'.) They can then be handed down from one generation to the next with love.

Why are hand made quilts expensive?
The short answer is they are hand made and can take a minimum of 15-20+ hours to complete.

The long answer is they are expensive because each lovingly made quilt involves the following:
    • Buying and choosing fabrics which work well together (usually at a cost of  AU$100+)
    • Cutting the fabric according to the pattern
    • Sewing the individual pieces together
    • Ironing fabric at most stages of the quilt-making process
    • Sewing the backing fabric together so it’s big enough for the quilt size
    • Basting the quilt; temporarily holding the 3 layers of quilt together with safety pins (quilt backing, quilt wadding / batting, quilt top)
    • Quilting the layers of fabric, either by hand or by sewing machine (to both secure the three layers of the quilt so that it does not shift over time and to provide a decorative element to the finished project)
    • Making the binding (the quilt ‘frame’ that wraps around the entire quilt to finish the edges) I make my own binding and hand sew my binding to give a unique finish to my quilts
    • Washing and drying the quilt
    • Quality checking, including removing stray threads and lint etc. from the fabric
    • Photographing / videoing the quilt and listing it online

    I often post pictures of my creative process and other projects on Instagram. Please make sure you follow me! (My Instagram page is linked at the bottom of the page.)


      Please contact me if you have any further questions!