More About Me

I began sewing in February 2019 and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2021 that I discovered my passion for all things quilts and I’ve been hooked ever since!
You know the cosy and crinkled quilts you sometimes see in TV shows or movies..? They're strategically placed on the back of the seating areas, on the beds or even hung on the walls. They are added to give the feeling of home and belonging. That is what I love about handmade quilts; there's nothing more comforting and snuggly to cosy under, in my opinion. Handmade quilts feel so much more special than store-bought quilts and there's something about someone taking weeks to make them, that makes them all the more huggable.
My quilts are made from cotton or linen fabrics which I often find in my local fabric stores or online in stores throughout Australia. You can follow the creative process behind my latest quilts and other items on my Instagram page
Before I started Dandelion Heart Quilts, I was an Executive Assistant in London and life couldn’t be more different now; I live in Perth, Western Australia and work from my dining room table where my Juki sewing machine sits. I dream of having a sewing room to myself one day, but for now, this suits me just fine!
Here's a link to my 'How to Style Your Quilt' board on Pinterest if you're considering one of my quilts, but don't quite know where to put it. Not only are they for warmth, but they're quite often used for decorative purposes. They made the most wonderful gifts too! 
Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you'd like to order a custom quilt.
Thank you for supporting my small business!